Discmania DD1 S-Line

Flight specs: 11 / 5 / -1 / 2

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The DD1 is cited to be DD3’s little brother, the DD1 features a less overstable and more narrow flight path compared to Discmania's most popular distance driver, the DD3.

DD1 is famous for its straight and accurate flight, makes it a great tool in the woods. Players will fall in love with the DD1 feel and profile, plus a smaller rim compared to DD3 gives you that extra confidence when facing the tight fairway and nice dome gives you the optimal amount of glide to still get big distance.

"The DD1 features a tremendous glide and a slightly shallow rim, making it really comfortable in the hand. It’s something that I could see myself using on a more wooded style course to shape tighter lines through the woods, as it is an 11-speed slot."
- Eagle McMahon

Flight specs: Speed 11 / Glide 5 / Turn -1 / Fade 2

DD1 Horizon Stratosphere
DD1 S-Line


The Discmania S-Line is their highest-quality blend. It offers a soft flight plate in a resilient frame with just the right amount of give. Their special manufacturing process creates exceptional grip that persists even in wet or cold conditions and offers good durabilty. S-Line offers straighter and less over
stable flight compared to our new C-line. Perfect for players looking for high glide and maximum distance.

You're more of a visual guy? Then just watch how the DD1 S-Line performs