The 3 Basic Rules of Disc Golf

1. The Tee Off

Each hole begins with a throw from the tee pad, the starting point. At the moment of throwing you stand on the throwing surface and may only “step over” when the disc has left your hand. The player with the least throws on the previous hole always starts on the next hole.

2. Approach Throws

Every further throw you carry out from the place where your disc landed from your previous throw. Even if this is in a bush or behind a thick tree trunk. When throwing, your front foot stays just behind the disc (on an area about the size of an A4 sheet of paper).

3. Putting

When you're about 20m (60 feet) or less from the basket, most players will putt. This is a special throwing technique that is not designed for distance but for accuracy. If you're a newbie, just try to throw extra carefully so your disc doesn't fly 15m (45 feet) over the basket if you miss. Otherwise every additional putt will be just as difficult.

If you are less than 10 m from the basket, be careful not to step over your disc after the throw. Always throw and then stand still for a moment. After that you can follow the disc and, if successful, take it out of the basket. The hole is completed when the disc is in the basket or hanging in the chains.

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