Latitude 64 Ballista Opto

Flight specifications: 14 / 5 / -1 / 3

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Tired of choosing between speed and accuracy? With the Ballista you can get the best of two worlds. One of the fastest discs in the world combined with a dependable flight path makes the Ballista a must-have in your bag. It will be overstable for beginners and slightly understable for experienced players.

Flight specs: Speed ​​14 / Glide 5 / Turn -1 / Fade 3

Ballista Opto Air
Ballista Opto


One of the world's most durable plastics, it comes in a variety of beautiful translucent colors. The Opto Line plastic has been developed to withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.

  • Flo (Fortgeschrittener Spieler)

    A great disc. When I got it new, it was the perfect distance driver for my comparetively slow arm. By now it is a well seasoned Ballista. I release it with good power in a small hyzer and watch as it slowly flips up and then holds a nice long turn with a good portion of fade in the end. Very satisfying and easy to control. And it's no 14 speed, by no means.

Are you more of a visual guy? Then just watch how the Ballista Opto performs