Kastaplast Berg K1 Soft

Flight specifications: 1 / 1 / 0 / 2

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Known for its lack of glide and good high-speed stability, yet without tons of fade. The berg is a slow and straight flyer that won't play tricks on you. Even on windy days.

Berg is designed for distinct shots, where you don't need to worry about the disc gliding far passed the basket. The disc features an ergonomic thumb track which is prominent on the top side while not being noticeable at the bottom. This makes it feel very different from any other putter. Berg is Swedish for mountain.

Suitable for: Windy days, fearless putts and distinct approach shots.

Flight specs: Speed ​​1 / Glide 1 / Turn 0 / Fade 2

Berg K1 Soft Moomin , Berg K3
Berg K1 Soft

K1 Soft

K1 Soft is similar to Kastaplast's K1, a super durable material with a nice combination of firmness and rubberiness. But K1 Soft is flexier and grippier.
This plastic comes in both translucent and solid colors.

Disc Wolf's thoughts: "I simply can't get enough K1 Soft discs. That plastic is awesome. Especially when it's right out of the press. Shiny, grippy, lovely!"

  • Flo (Fortgeschrittener Spieler)

    Hate it or love it. The mountain has a strange grip but a nice flight. I use this one for controlled basket runs where I need the disc to sit.
  • Jakob (Advanced)

    The Berg is my cheat code, and the name says it all. With its unique shape, it gives me maximum control for every approach shot while holding any line I put it on. Due to its slow speed, I primarily use it when I need to hit tight gaps with conviction while still maintaining control over the distance. This disc will put a smile on your face with every throw and help take your game to the next level.
  • Lukas (Expert)

    Perhaps the most unique disc on the market. It is ideal for approaches that do not fly too far and should remain directly lying. It flies very slowly, slightly overstable and has an inward curved profile, which in my opinion is very comfortable especially for the forehand. I recommend the Berg to players who have problems throwing slow discs cleanly with the forehand.