Latitude 64 Diamond Opto Ice

Flight specifications: 8 / 6 / -3 / 1

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The Diamond is the disc of choice for beginners and players with moderate arm speed.

It has an unstable trajectory with a long glide and slight fade. It's easy to throw, but doesn't shy away from big turn or roller throws.

Diameter: 21.1cm
Height: 1.7cm
Edge depth: 1.1 cm
Rim inner diameter: 17.4 cm
Edge thickness: 1.8 cm
Flexibility Rating: 6.92

Flight characteristics: Speed ​​8 / Glide 6 / Turn -3 / Fade 1

Diamond Opto
Diamond Opto Ice

Opto Ice

Opto Ice is a premium blend of plastics that provides a stiffness between Opto and Opto X. It has great durability, and more overstable flights compared to regular Opto.