Latitude 64 Explorer Retro

Flight specifications: 7 / 5 / 0 / 2

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Why was the Explorer voted the 2018 Disc of the Year? Straight flight path and controlled glide, that's what the Explorer brings. Designed to be the workhorse for all kinds of accurate fairway drives. This stable and versatile fairway driver is smooth out of the hand and has a clean stable flight.

Flight specs: Speed ​​7 / Glide 5 / Turn 0 / Fade 2

Explorer Opto , Explorer Recycled
Explorer Retro


Great grip and beginner friendly flights. Retro is the perfect plastic blend for your first disc. This is also Latitude 64's most affordable plastic. For a long time Latitude 64 has had requests to make discs that brake in more easily. Test after test led them to this plastic blend that they have named Retro.

Disc Wolf's Opinion
"It somewhat feels more dry and grippy compared to other plastics. I personally like it a lot and feel like having full control with most of my throws."

  • Flo (Fortgeschrittener Spieler)

    A classic stable fairway driver with, in my opinion, a pronounced rim profile. The rim is quite high and the inner edge, I don't want to say sharp, but definitely noticeable.

Are you more of a visual guy? Then just watch how the Explorer Retro performs