Latitude 64 Grace Royal Grand

Flight specifications: 11 / 6 / -1 / 2

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Grace is all about smooth distance. It has the control of a fairway driver, and the distance of a high speed driver. That combined with a neutral flight and great glide makes the Grace a versatile distance driver for the masses. Throw with Grace!

Diameter: 21.1 cm
Height: 1.6 cm
Rim depth: 1.1 cm
Inside rim diameter: 16.6 cm
Rim thickness: 2.2 cm
Flexibility rating: 11.93

Flight specs: Speed ​​11 / Glide 6 / Turn -1 / Fade 2

Grace Royal Grand Kristin Tattar 2022 World Champion
Grace Royal Grand

Royal Grand

Royal Grand is Latitude 64°'s durable premium plastic with great grip that will not fail you, no matter the outside circumstances. It features a soft feel with a rigid rim part with perfect flex.

The Latitude 64° Royal Line takes disc golf quality one step further the innovative NexEdge and NexFeel technologies. The days of sharp flashing are gone as the NexEdge process provides a buttery-smooth feel to the bottom and outer parts of the rim. NexFeel is Latitude 64°'s new polish technology enhancing the grip and feel of the whole disc surface.

  • Basti (Fortgeschrittener Spieler)

    The Grace is the distance driver of choice for my throwing distance (max. 100m - 110m). Super controllable and with reliable fade without being too overstable. In orbit plastic even a little more stable.
  • Lukas (Expert)

    The Grace is probably one of the most versatile distance drivers on the market. Flying a little slower than most distance drivers makes it easy to control and a valuable disc for most players. Nevertheless, it can achieve enormous distances due to its glide and its neutral trajectory. Players with high throwing speed can play it with some Hyzer and watch it line up and hold a straight line for a very long time. Newer players can use it as a long reliable disc. The Royal Grand Plastik is my absolute favorite when it comes to drivers, the feel in the hand is perfect for both forehand and backhand. In my experience, the Orbit variant is slightly more over-stable than the Stock-Run Grace.

Are you more of a visual guy? Then just watch how the Grace Royal Grand performs