Gateway Disc Sports Magic Hemp Super Soft #69420

Flight specifications: 2 / 3 / -1 / 0

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We celebrate tournament #69420 with an extra portion of green and chill. Get all the precision you ever wanted and a formerly unknown level of tolerance for frustration.

Our partners from Disc Golf Lörrach and Merry Chains Basel will profit from your purchase directly.

The Magic is one of our most popular putters and one of the best all around discs for both new and advanced players.

It is a straight-flying putt & approach disc that is easy for beginners to control because of its great glide and small amount of low speed fade. This is also an easy disc to turn over and will hold just about any line it is thrown on without hyzering out.

Flight specs: Speed ​​2 / Glide 3 / Turn -1 / Fade 0

Magic Super Soft Superglow