Latitude 64 Savior Royal Grand Just in

Flight specifications: 4 / 4 / 0 / 3

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Save strokes and scramble away with the Savior! This overstable putter/midrange hybrid has one purpose, to elevate your approach game. Savior features a neat grip and flat upper surface making it ideal for forehand shots.

Linus Carlsson about the Savior:
“I love it because it's great for both backhand and forehand, and it's perfect for my signature “Linus line.”

Flight specs: Speed ​​4 / Glide 4 / Turn 0 / Fade 3
Savior Royal Grand Linus Carlsson
Savior Royal Grand

Royal Grand

Royal Grand is Latitude 64°'s durable premium plastic with great grip that will not fail you, no matter the outside circumstances. It features a soft feel with a rigid rim part with perfect flex.

The Latitude 64° Royal Line takes disc golf quality one step further the innovative NexEdge and NexFeel technologies. The days of sharp flashing are gone as the NexEdge process provides a buttery-smooth feel to the bottom and outer parts of the rim. NexFeel is Latitude 64°'s new polish technology enhancing the grip and feel of the whole disc surface.