Westside Discs SwordVIP

Flight specifications: 12 / 5 / 1 / 2

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This high speed driver is extremely user friendly. Designed to slice through the air with ease, the Sword will hold any line you put it on, a straight line flight with a Hyzer finish. For professional players, the Sword will fly straight, long, and predictable.

For beginners and lower speed nudle arms, the Sword will give you that extra distance you want without losing any accuracy.

Flight specs: Speed ​​12 / Glide 5 / Turn 0.5 / Fade 2



Super-durable hi-tech plastic with excellent performance. VIP plastic is
transparent so you can see through it. Discs made in VIP plastic
maintain their flight characteristics and reliability for a long time.
This plastic is suitable for both recreational players and pro players.
Latitude Opto plastic is more than 98% similar to Westside VIP-plastic.

Are you more of a visual guy? Then just watch how the SwordVIP performs