DiscWolf T-Shirt Schuster stick to your Hyzer

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Remember this? You try that nice turnover throw only to realize that you should have thrown the safe hyzer line. This following saying was created after exactly such a scene with our friend Falko:

Schuster stick to your hyzer

To English speakers this might not make a lot of sense, but there is a German saying Schuster stay at your lasts and this basically means that the shoemaker should stick to the tools he's used to and not get too fancy.

Thanks to the collaboration with Freiburg artist Danny @therealdannydusk and Schliengen print master Mehdi @artiart, we proudly present you our first merch T-shirt.

The T-shirt used is Earth Positive, 100% Organic Cotton, Climate Neutral, Made in India.

Fun Fact: Your throws have a higher tendency to hit the basket when you wear Disc Wolf merch.

And for all fetish lovers we can “play in” your t-shirt during a sweaty round of disc golf and send it to you unwashed xD